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Blackburn Cottage News and Events

Spring is Here ...

Blackburn Cottage Open DayThe Cottage was shut down during the winter months and in hindsight this was a wise decision considering the severity of the weather. However, volunteers were at the premises in late April/early May giving it a 'Spring spruce up'. As always there are a couple of details that still need attention but the Cottage is looking good and is starting to receive the first guests for 2011 - last weekend a large crowd were involved in a Munroe Weekend. Bookings are made via this website (see Chargers/Availability).

The first year of operation was a bit of a test bed and there were a few hiccups here and there but overall the Cottage came through with flying colours and is already proving to be a valuable asset to the North East Scotland Wing. We are always happy to receive further offers of help and if there is anything that you can offer please get in touch with the Wing CivCom.

A New Kitchen

Blackburn Cottage Open DayThanks to the generosity of Deeside Construction a new kitchen has now been installed at Blackburn Cottage. The kitchen is not quite operational as we are waiting for the delivery of a new cooker and this has been delayed at the production end.

Elsewhere, one of our cadet's parents is busy constructing the bases for the new alpine bunks in the upper dormitories; it is planned to install the bases on 26th June. Continuing with the sleeping arrangements, we have taken delivery of 3 sets of double bunks and these are being installed in the downstairs dormitories. We are now sourcing the mattresses. Most of the legal requirements have been completed and at the moment it looks as if we are on target for meeting our opening date of 1st August; as you will see from the Availability Calendar we have already taken 5 bookings. We are always happy to receive offers of help and if there is anything that you can offer please get in touch with the Wing CivCom.

Open Day

Blackburn Cottage Open DayOn Sunday (23rd May) we held an Open Day to show the Cottage to staff, parents and cadets. Approximately 35 people, including the Regional Commandant, visited the premises; the men exhibited their engineering talents by building a self-assembly barbecue in less than 3 hours whilst the ladies started cleaning and decorating.

The weather was changeable but developed into a fine afternoon and all agreed that the Wing had acquired a splendid asset. Many thanks for the ideas and work generated on the day and also for the future offers of assistance.

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